Steps to Righting Relationships

///Steps to Righting Relationships
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The eight steps to righting relationships can save any relationship

Dr. Joy has developed a simple step-by-step process to repairing and resetting your troubled relationship, built on the cumulative experience she has gained from counseling countless relationships over the years. 

Below is the road map to the eight crucial steps to healthy relationships.

  1. Realize Challenges
  2. Improve Communications
  3. Generate a Plan
  4. Heal Wounds
  5. Target Priorities
  6. Implement the Plan
  7. Name New Goals
  8. Give Gratitude and Enjoy

Straight Ahead! Everything is Possible!

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“Dr. Joy Vanderbeck was a real “Joy” to work with. She helped our family unravel problems stemming from many generations of shame and subterfuge. It was so liberating for all of us when we came to the root of problems that had plagued us as individuals and hampered our relationships. We continue, as necessary, to contact Dr. Joy and receive the continuing support we need to be contented with ourselves and our lives. She has encouraged and promoted our independence and happiness.”
D.D., Diplomat