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Remove limitations on your success and happiness

Many people have blocks to their success. I assist clients in gently accessing the source of the blocks, whether they are emotional, mental, or spiritual. Often the block is a mindset, a belief system or an emotion that has been stored for awhile. The person has lived with it so long, they don’t even know it is there. What they do see however is the pattern of not having everything that they desire in their life.

I guide the person through guided meditation, hypnotherapy, visualization or NLP to reconnect with their Inner Innate Wisdom. When the Truth of their infinite possibilities is revealed, I assist in the integration process, integrating the Inner Innate Wisdom with their subconscious memory system (Inner Child) and their Adult Self.

Often the person has developed layers of coping skills that they unconsciously believe will keep them safe and get them what they desire. Coping skills have often been developed in childhood during duress and no longer serve the person in achieving their highest good.

Since the coping skills (eat, be tough, be perfect, don’t feel, stay in control, don’t remember, manipulate, take care of others, don’t let anyone close etc.) have been developed to combat limiting feelings and beliefs (I am not worthy, there is not enough for me, it’s my fault others aren’t happy, etc.) the person stays stuck in an unconscious self sabotage loop.

The Adult Self desires love, success, freedom and empowerment. Their subconscious is still stuck in the drama from long ago and is still trying to cope with something that is no longer even happening. Their good eludes them. They are putting their energy into battling a negative instead of going for a positive. They have lost sight of their dream.  Once the integration process takes place, they are free to live in the glorious, empowered Now.

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Man and Sky

“My initial reaction when encouraged to seek professional counseling, not interested. Thank goodness the referring family member would not take no for an answer. The first meeting with Joy was a success and I soon found myself looking forward to our time together. Regardless of the topic of my discussions, Joy remained positive and offered viable and workable solutions. Dr. Joy Vanderbeck is in my opinion a true professional blessed with a unique gift and ability to help those who want to help themselves.”
SRS, VP Banking


Balance Discovered 

I did not know the difference between rescuing and truly helping someone.  Through Joy’s guidance, I have been discovering balance.  Today, I eat right, exercise, and give equal time to myself. Thanks Joy!”

TB, R.N.

Straight Ahead! Everything is Possible!