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Each of us has a unique set of talents and abilities

If we get really truthful with ourselves, each of us also has a dream. This dream may for a particular career expression. This dream may be for improved relationships. This dream may be about how you want your body to look and feel.

If you are one of those people who are settling for less than true fulfillment in their career, their relationships, or their relationship with themselves and their body, then I can assist!

A specific set of steps can be taken to:

1. Remember what it is that you wanted to do with your life

2. Believe that you can accomplish this

3. Lay out a plan of accomplishment

4. Be supported as you actualize your highest self-expression

“I recommend Joy to any individuals/ companies for the Life Success Series. Joy is a great coach, counselor and presenter. The Life Success Series workshop is fantastic. I recommend you take the time to read her blogs and consider her for your next workshop.”
H. Burk

Call 817-261-6044 or email Dr. Joy from the contact page on this site to find true fulfillment now!

Income Soars!

“I doubled my income in 6 months after Dr. Joy’s training.”

UTA Student


Career Catapulted

Dr. Joy is REALLY good and has been indispensable to me. I’ve dealt with lots of “left over stuff” from a couple of bad years with a different organization and a bad personal relationship. I attribute much of my “positive mental readiness” to her teaching and coaching. She really helped me get my mind ready to make lots of money this year!”

Charla Hawkes-Vinyard, Realtor


Drastic Improvement

Joy Vanderbeck worked with our sales team as a motivator over the course of four months and we saw our sales percent drastically improve.  Joy helped build the team’s confidence in themselves and in the product that they sold.  It was truly amazing to watch the team transform, using Joy’s positive thinking techniques.”

A.V., President, Life Corporation

Straight Ahead! Everything is Possible!