What is hypnosis?

///What is hypnosis?
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Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, resembling sleep, characterized by heightened suggestibility

Hypnosis is a means of accessing the subconscious and superconscious parts of the mind. We then experience profound results in our outer, waking, conscious life. Most people are operating on one third; they are only aware of Conscious mind function, while their Superconscious Intelligence is constantly sending them signals on how to get what they desire. The Subconscious is continually causing our Unconscious responses to situations, and for most people it is taking them in a completely different direction than their Conscious mind desires. This is why hypnosis is so valuable and effective, because through hypnosis we can explore the contents of the Subconscious mind and revise those programs that are undesirable for the goals that we want to achieve.

It is much like if the spell-check on your computer says that dog is spelled “dawg.” If you no longer want it to say that, you go in and change the program. It is really that simple. While most people are under the false impression that in order to be successful a somnambulistic state (very deep state) must be achieved, Dr. Joy has found that innumerable clients have achieved great results by simply reaching an Alpha state. Dr. Joy has also found that clients, with a relatively small amount of practice, can achieve deep Theta states and stay fully conscious of their experience.

Dr. Joy believes that the key to this work is to create pathways so that all three areas of the mind are in smooth communication. It is by accomplishing this that we are no longer “a house divided”. Instead, we are whole and happy. The following two diagrams will give you some deeper insight.


Scale of mind and brain activity


The three main aspects of the mind

“My life finally works! I spent a lot of years believing that my life (and its baggage) were unchangeable. Then I worked with Joy. Under her expert guidance, I learned to identify the root causes of the pervasive fear and unrest I had become accustomed to living with. Joy taught me how to cast it away, and finally, to heal. I never knew before that life is supposed to be this effortless, comparatively speaking. I have even received comments that my smile looks different, happier, since this experience.”
D.M., Yoga Instructor


The Will to Live

Years ago when in the midst of a deep, suicidal depression, I called Joy Vanderbeck. She said she knew just what to do. And she did. Using hypnosis and guided imagery, Joy, non-judgmental, highly talented, and very intuitive, changed my life. She helped me reach deep into myself gaining the self-knowledge and life skills to enjoy a happy and productive life.

CJR, Writer for a Fortune 500 Information Technology (IT) processing company

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