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Enthusiasm and commitment are the two essentials to motivation

Many people get bogged down in their challenges and unknowingly begin to put their focus on the challenge rather than on finding solutions. When this occurs, enthusiasm and commitment wane.

Sometimes people get bogged down by focusing on past disappointments and failures. Often, people around us do not understand what we want to achieve, and their thoughts and comments can weigh us down. Other times, there is an unconscious payoff for playing small in the world.

In a perfect world, confidence would exude from a place deep down inside of you and fuel your actions. It is truly possible to know that everything is possible for you and that you are up to the task.

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“I have networked with Dr. Joy for a couple of years now, and continue to benefit from her uplifting, thought-provoking messages. She always has a positive outlook on situations, and knows how to capture a group’s attention. Her positive influence has reminded me to take the time to really think about who I am, and who I want to be to the world. I highly recommend Dr. Joy as a lifestyle coach, and as a speaker.”
Michelle Martin, Founder, C3 for Women Networking; Arlington Licensee, The Joy of Connecting
Artful Practitioner

Dr. Joy is quite creative in her work, I have experienced her motivational setting both personally and when working with others.  I consider her an artful practitioner who is competent in her use of “Life Success Techniques.”  She is an imminently capable motivational trainer, and consultant.”

Ben E. Zimmerman, M.D., Fort Worth, TX

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