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You Can Create A Happy Life Through Training and Hypnosis

Would it shock you to know that something you think is causing you to either be happy and well or unhappy and diseased? The keys to your being happy are in your thoughts. It’s that simple. Many of your most influential thoughts you may not even be aware of thinking. In recent years, a great deal of research has been done and the American Medical Association (AMA) now concedes that a vast majority (97%) of all physical disease begins in a person’s thinking process.

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When you interacted with your family and environment as a child you made major decisions about yourself and what life is all about. The decisions that you made are the foundation of your belief system. As children we seem to absorb these beliefs from our parents and our environment, although our parents do not necessarily mean to impart these beliefs about our identity and about life to us.

These decisions are stored in that part of our mind called the subconscious. The subconscious is much like a computer. We enter data through the decisions that we make as we go along life’s way. Everything we have ever seen, heard, felt, touched, tasted, and smelled is recorded in the subconscious, along with our assessment or decision about what we experienced. Some of our assessments are valid and some are not.

A good example is the well-known fact that when parents divorce, children very often blame themselves for the divorce, when in fact, the child had absolutely nothing to do with the problems between the parents. In doing so, that child has just begun a pattern of taking responsibility (blame) for other people’s lives. Those patterns then begin to affect all their relationships, and even influence their relationship choices.

In regressive hypnosis, I talk to the “Inner Child” to help them see what really happened. I help them to remember those long “forgotten” decisions, to reevaluate, and to make new adult decisions that will support them in being happy and having what they want out of life.

The following experiences illustrate how this process works. A teenage boy of thirteen, very angry and belligerent, was having great difficulty in school, both academically and socially. He was capable of being a good student intellectually, but he wouldn’t complete assignments, and frequently got into trouble. I regressed him to the cause of his difficulty. He remembered being a young boy, his parents having marital problems, and blaming himself. He decided that there was something wrong with him or it would not be happening. Then when his Dad left for good, he was certain that he was a bad boy. I helped him to detach from his parents’ problems, and give them their lives back. It worked. In just a few days, he had gained a new interest and success in his studies, and began to make new friends.

I was asked to help a woman who had breast and bone cancer. In interviewing her, it became obvious that she had difficulty asserting and expressing herself. She was greatly intimidated by a domineering husband. I guided her into her subconscious computer, and found that she had judged herself, and was filled with self hatred and anger. I had her imagine an army in her body fighting the cancer cells. She described the army as being dressed in gray uniforms. She explained that she was tired and didn’t know if she could keep on with the battle against cancer.

Instead of the grey uniformed confederates I helped her bring in a strong, invincible army. She selected the Green Berets. Even in her efforts to get herself well, her attitudes were affecting her ability to do so.

A 16-year-old high school student was plagued with menstrual cramps that were so severe that she missed two to three days of school each month. We explored her forgotten memory of the cause. When she was two years old, her mother had endometriosis. She said “Mommy hurts, so I will too.” That association of pain with the menstrual cycle was stored on file in her subconscious until her body developed and her reproductive system became active. Then in computer-like fashion, the subconscious signaled the body to retrieve any data it had stored about menstruation. The information that it retrieved was that it hurt.

I asked her to see what her mother’s beliefs were about her own body. She had fear of another pregnancy, guilt over a love affair, and shame abut having sex before marriage all associated with that part of her body. Through this process the young girl was successful in disassociating from her mother’s attitudes and emotions, developed her own “body language” and has been cramp-free since.

There are literally hundreds of similar stories that I could relate to you of seemingly simple, and sometimes innocent events during which a child made emotionally associated decisions that, through the workings of the subconscious computer, have affected their life ever since. I have found such decisions to show up in every area of our lives including choice of marriage partners; interaction with children; friendships; finances; self esteem; career choice and success; creativity; use of time; body weight; eating habits; sexual expression; health and emotional well being.

It is never too late to have a happy childhood. Let your “Inner Child” know that you love him/her. Play! Be yourself. Love yourself no matter what you’re feeling. Life is a mirror to you of all the decisions you have made that lie beneath your conscious memory. If there is something in your life that you would like to be different, know that you are not a victim of it! You created it and you can change it! Take time each day to praise yourself, to reflect on what you have done that day that you wanted to do. Contemplate each part of your body and thank it for all it does for you. Think for yourself, and you’ll find life is soon full of laughter and miracles.

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“Peace, self-esteem, self-confidence, purpose and direction. I found all of these because of the caring counsel of Dr. Joy Vanderbeck. While struggling mightily when I first met Dr. Joy, she was able to help me ‘peel the onion’ to discover true root causes of my problems and concerns. The result has been a healthy marriage, a keen sense of purpose and direction, both personally and professionally, and tools to help me continue to make thoughtful and loving decisions for the benefit of me and my family. Dr. Joy, I am deeply thankful for your care, concern, guidance and remarkable sense of truth and personal discovery.”
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