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Seminars customized to your needs

Life Success Training can be customized for anyone. Whether you’re interested in personal growth or group potential, Dr. Joy Vanderbeck can create a seminar specifically for you and your unique needs.

She has helped people realize their potential in all areas of life, both on an individual basis and at large corporate gatherings. Life Success training will provide you with the tools and direction you need to build the life you deserve.

Some specialized course topics might include:

Whole Life Prosperity

Learn how to create a positive prosperity image, live in constant abundance and increase your earning potential. Would you like to get your money to work for you, instead of against you? Through Life Success Training, you can gain the confidence and direction you need to enjoy success! Whether you need to work on your career, your self esteem, or simply wish to gain that positive attitude that seems to attract happiness, Joy can show you how.

Improved Communication

Effectively communicating with those in your life — your spouse, family members, coworkers, boss, neighbors — can help you achieve your life-long goals. Communication courses presented by Life Success can teach you the nine easy steps to successful communication. With a seminar customized for your needs, you will discover the techniques that will change the way you relate to others for the better. Learn the art of making agreements; negotiating; listening and being certain you’ve been heard; conflict resolution and improving relationships through effective communications.

Managing Stress

One of the major components of physical and emotional problems is stress. Everyone has responsibilities at work and home. With so many roles to fill and the demands that are put on us, how can we keep from getting stressed out? Life Success will help you to recognize the signs of stress and how to manage it through innovative relaxation techniques.

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