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Client Testimonials

Dr. Joy has touched many lives over the past thirty five years with her disarming personality and her highly developed expertise. Her techniques have been know to surprise even the most veteran clients of psychotherapy, who’ve often never explored the subconscious impulses that can sabotage their happiness. Clients from all walks of life have been empowered by her advice, and continue to seek her out when they feel the need.

Here’s what some of her clients had to say about their experience.

Family Restored

* “Dr Joy is literally a lifesaver. We first visited Dr Joy during a very difficult time in our marriage, and she provided advice and guidance that not only restored our marriage, but taught us to really learn and understand how to communicate with each other. Our family is still intact today because of the care and love that Dr Joy gave us, and the remarkable wisdom she so freely shared.”

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Ashton Lawson

Personal And Business Success

* “Joy is a wonderful coach. She has helped me immensely. As a direct result of her work with me, my life has been much more successful in both my personal and business life. She is amazing.”

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Walt Monk

Anxiety gone

* Joy, Just a note to let you know I’m doing just fine. I’m leaving for another meeting this week and the only thing I’m worried about is what I’m going to wear! Your coaching has helped me so much I can’t believe it! I want to come back as soon as I can!

I’ll be in touch and Thanks Again.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Barbara P.

Career Coach

* I recommend Joy to any individuals/companies for the Life Success Series. Joy is a great coach, counselor and presenter. The Life Success Series workshop is fantastic. I recommend you take the time to read her blogs and consider her for your next workshop.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

H. Burk

Drastic Improvement

* “Joy Vanderbeck worked with our sales team as a motivator over the course of four months and we saw our sales percent drastically improve. Joy helped build the team’s confidence in themselves and in the product that they sold. It was truly amazing to watch the team transform, using Joy’s positive thinking techniques.”

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

A.V., President Life Corporation

Educate Students

* Thank you for the very informative program that you presented to the fifth grade. To keep sixty children interested for 45 minutes is an accomplishment, and you handled it admirably. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with the children and to share your knowledge. Please accept our belated thanks.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Kay Crum, 5th grade teacher C.B. Berry Elementary

Atmosphere to Learn and Achieve

* Joy’s classes and individual sessions have changed my life. Her knowledge and enthusiasm create a fun atmosphere in which to learn and achieve.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Dolores Gorton, R.N., M.S.

Smoking Ceased

* I went to see Joy Vanderbeck with my husband to stop smoking through hypnosis. I was a skeptic about the whole issue and told her that I didn’t want to quit smoking, but was there to help support my husband quit. I have always thought being hypnotized was not possible, however I went ahead with the session. She told me at the end that I was welcome to go outside and smoke a cigarette if I wanted. Joy had taken a different approach and went in through my side door. She told me to breathe in the clean fresh air, and if I wanted to light up, go ahead. I have not had a cigarette since March and I smoked for 40 years. Hats off to you Joy and visiting me through my side door.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Cindy H.

I Stopped Smoking

* Desperately wanting to stop smoking after 30 years of my life, I met Joy. One session and 18 months later I still have not smoked. Joy is truly amazing! She has helped me to unlock doors to self confidence, self respect and a more positive way of thinking and living. Joy is truly blessed with a special gift! Thank you Joy for being such a huge part of my spiritual journey!

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Pleased Client, Mansfield, TX

Effortless Living

* “My life finally works! I spent a lot of years believing that my life (and its baggage) were unchangeable. Then I worked with Joy. Under her expert guidance, I learned to identify the root causes of the pervasive fear and unrest I had become accustomed to living with. Joy taught me how to cast it away, and finally, to heal. I never knew before that life is supposed to be this effortless, comparatively speaking. I have even received comments that my smile looks different, happier, since this experience.”

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

D.M., Yoga Instructor

The Will to Live

* Years ago when in the midst of a deep, suicidal depression, I called Joy Vanderbeck. She said she knew just what to do. And she did. Using hypnosis and guided imagery, Joy, non-judgmental, highly talented, and very intuitive, changed my life. She helped me reach deep into myself gaining the self-knowledge and life skills to enjoy a happy and productive life.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

C.J.R., Writer for a Fortune 500 Information Technology (IT) processing company

Teen Depression and Anger

* Let me start by saying… thank you. Thank you! It’s unbelievable the state at which my daughter Lindsey came to you and her state of mind currently! It’s so hard to believe that she went through so many psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and medication before we finally found you. I have her math teacher to thank for telling me about you. When my daughter came to you, she and I were at the end of our rope. Our fist telephone conversation left me wondering how in the world would I pay for more treatment for this child? But after the first visit with you, I immediately saw a difference in my little girl. I would have done anything to get her help. After a couple of months my little girl was back to the child I remembered, without the assistance of medication. She’s on track to graduate and go on to college now! I can’t thank you enough, I can only tell people I meet about the miracle God worked in our lives through you. Thank you so much Joy.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.


Scholastic Success

* My son, Garrett, was struggling in school. He was on the brink of failing some classes and he didn’t seem motivated to even try. He wanted to eventually go to college and I knew his grades weren’t going to help him get there. Through Joy’s “positive living” coaching and guidance, Garrett has made a very positive transition. His outlook on life was better, he seemed to be happier, and his grades improved considerably. He took control of his school responsibilities. He even got a part-time job his senior year of high school. He graduated from high school this spring. After coaching with Joy, most of his grades have been in the 90’s, with some 100’s and some 80’s. He made good scores on his SAT and is successfully enrolled in college for fall 2007. He is excited about going to college. Joy, you are awesome. Thank you!

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

David Chandler

Best Decision I Ever Made

* As I started on a journey of self-discovery, a friend directed me to Joy Vanderbeck. She is caring, helpful, insightful, and very spiritual. It was the best decision I ever made.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

T.P., Registered Nurse

Weight Loss – Alcohol – Food Addictions

* I started my journey looking for a way to lose weight. I felt miserable and could not afford a new wardrobe. Quite simply, I was growing out of my clothes. Nothing else was working, so I thought maybe hypnosis would give me the will power I needed. I called Dr. Joy Vanderbeck and made an appointment. At our first meeting, I told her the truth about me as I saw it. She listened and did not judge me. She told me we could do hypnosis strictly for the weight or we could go after the whole octopus. All the arms of different problems that were making me want to hide in food, alcohol and crazy relationships. I choose the octopus. I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My world has changed along with my physical body. I have lost 25 pounds. I have the confidence to believe in myself and depend on me. Today, I picture myself as I want to be. I am happy and aware. I no longer crave food or alcohol to fix me. My relationships have vastly improved. I would highly recommend Dr. Joy Vanderbeck for weight loss and/or self-discovery of any kind.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

D.J., Flight Attendant

Solid Footing

* Lost? Crushed? The foundation that you built your life on completely crumbled? You realize that what you based your behavior on or who or what you turned to before clearly hasn’t worked? That something is REALLY wrong? Life is not supposed to be like this…that the decisions you have made in life need to be examined. Yeah, that summed it up for me 2 weeks after my 40th birthday.

The path to “discovering” who I truly am I can now see. Dr. Joy, with her incredible insight and listening skills will help you stay the course that leads to this enlightenment. Make no mistake about it. Your life will be enriched and change because of the efforts you conduct. However, to this day I still seek Dr. Joy’s guidance when the seas are rough or there is another defining moment in my life.

Dr. Joy is an incredible teacher. There are no limits to what you will be able to explore in life with the lessons that you will learn from Dr. Joy. Humanity talks all the time about education. Finish High School, finish College, get an MBA, I did it all, and formal education is worthwhile, but it is not enough. What we (I) really needed, and fortunately was led to Dr. Joy to learn, is a basis for continuing education about our life’s journey and the incredible dimensions of life that exists if we are only willing to let go, trust ourselves, our inner guidance and most of all listen to our heart. Dr. Joy has helped me learn how to do all this and helped me to find my light from within.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Mark Bradley, Client Since 1993


* There are so many wonderful things I can say about Dr. Joy Vanderbeck’s coaching. Instead of, “Why does all this happen to me?” It’s now, “This is going to happen for me.” Thank you Joy Vanderbeck for all of your caring and guidance.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

K.D., Management Executive

Dr. Joy is a Life Saver

* “Dr Joy is a tremendous coach, she helped me with my communication skills and general coping with life issues. When I was at my lowest, I reached back to what she had taught me and it pulled me through! Simply a life saver!!”

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Caleb C., Cedar Hill, TX

Life Changing!

* “Dr. Joy is a wonderful life coach.  She has helped me identify several inhibitors to current and future personal success. She has helped  (1) clarify into focus my greatest wants and needs in life (2) identify  situations that trigger negative and destructive thought patterns (3) allowed me to see my greater value and worth in my vocation and core relationships. (4) helped me in the counseling of others.  As a church leader,  her coaching has been life-changing for me personally.”

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

John G., Ennis, TX

Confidence Restored

* At a very crucial time in my life I was introduced to Joy. Joy, through much patience and loving concern, guided me to self-discovery. She approached me with new ways to approach life and helped restore my confidence. She helped me discover old programs (stinking thinking) and enlighten me “how they affected my life”. I encourage any who are considering working hard for life success to highly consider Joy with this process.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Hurdie Burk, Business and Personal Coach

She Truly Listens

* Every conversation and consultation with Joy has blessed and benefited me. She truly listens to what I’m saying, deeply listens for what I can’t say. Only then does she give feedback and guidance. She has supported me with a depth of understanding.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.


Relationships Vastly Improved

* Dr. Joy helped me attain a greater sense of peace and joy by shifting my focus from feeling victim about problems ‘created by others’ to solutions created by myself. It is not like other assistance I have received where I kept coming back with the same issue time after time.

Dr. Joy helped me overcome depression, and all my relationships have vastly improved. I had wondered if my relationship with my husband were coming to an end.

My husband and I have a much better way of communicating. We used to be angry, blaming and fearful. Now we speak from a space of love wherein we hear each other better and are more able to find a workable solution. We are far more loving, better friends than we have been in the previous years.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.


My Life Changed

* Coaching with Dr. Joy Vanderbeck is caring, non-judgmental, compassionate and enlightening. In a short time, my life has completely changed in my personal relationships and in the most important relationship of all, the one with myself. I now have more confidence, self-love, and a better understanding of myself and my spirituality.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

A.S., Telecom Sales Executive

Family Problems Unraveled

* Dr. Joy Vanderbeck was a real “Joy” to work with. She helped our family unravel problems stemming from many generations of shame and subterfuge. It was so liberating for all of us when we came to the root of problems that had plagued us as individuals and hampered our relationships. We continue, as necessary, to contact Dr. Joy and receive the continuing support we need to be contented with ourselves and our lives. She has encouraged and promoted our independence and happiness.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

D.D., Diplomat

Direction and Purpose

* Peace, self-esteem, self-confidence, purpose and direction. I found all of these because of the caring counsel of Dr. Joy Vanderbeck. While struggling mightily when I first met Dr. Joy, she was able to help me ‘peel the onion’ to discover true root causes of my problems and concerns. The result has been a healthy marriage, a keen sense of purpose and direction, both personally and professionally, and tools to help me continue to make thoughtful and loving decisions for the benefit of me and my family. Dr. Joy, I am deeply thankful for your care, concern, guidance and remarkable sense of truth and personal discovery.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

R.M., Entrepreneur

Better Communicator

* Congratulations on doing a great job of helping me become a better communicator. Our marriage is on a better track than it has EVER been on. My business is doing much better, and my personal confidence is at an all time high. Life is good, and I appreciate everything you have done to make it that way.


*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Walter Monk, President, Voice Ventures, Inc.

Atmosphere to Learn and Achieve

* Dr. Joy’s classes and individual sessions have changed my life. Her knowledge and enthusiasm create a fun atmosphere in which to learn and achieve.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Dolores Gorton, R.N., M.S.

A Powerful Positive Message

* I have networked with Dr. Joy for a couple of years now, and continue to benefit from her uplifting, thought-provoking messages. She always has a positive outlook on situations, and knows how to capture a group’s attention. Her positive influence has reminded me to take the time to really think about who I am, and who I want to be to the world. I highly recommend Dr. Joy as a lifestyle coach, and as a speaker.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Michelle Martin, Founder C3 for Women Networking; Arlington Licensee, The Joy of Connecting

Artful Practitioner

* Dr. Joy is quite creative in her work, I have experienced her motivational setting both personally and when working with others. I consider her an artful practitioner who is competent in her use of “Life Success Techniques.” She is an imminently capable motivational trainer, and consultant.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Ben E. Zimmerman, M.D.

Fort Worth, TX

Career Coaching

* Dr. Joy is sincerely dedicated to your success. Living a life of true joy & happiness. Thank you for your expression of love.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

L. Smith

Goal Achievement

* After working with Dr. Joy, I have seen my son begin to realize he is in control of his life. He has become more confident, self-assured and responsible for himself and his actions. He has taken a leap into the second half of his teen-age years with a more solid step; he sees himself as a success in everything he does and makes more confident decisions. Dr. Joy has helped my son realize current goals and set his course for the future!

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

M.K. Darling

Income Soars!

* I doubled my income in 6 months after Dr. Vanderbeck’s training.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

UTA Student


* For years I felt that I was on the edge of some sort of breakthrough where all the pieces of my life would begin to fall together. I came to Joy at a point in my life when I had reached a crisis and she helped me to make that breakthrough. I have a very improved life now and I will always love her for that.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

J.D., Music Store Owner/Music Teacher

Career Catapulted

* Dr. Joy is REALLY good and has been indispensable to me. I’ve dealt with lots of “left over stuff” from a couple of bad years with a different organization and a bad personal relationship. I attribute much of my “positive mental readiness” to her teaching and coaching. She really helped me get my mind ready to make lots of money this year!

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

Charla Hawkes-Vinyard, Realtor

Thank Goodness for Dr. Joy

* My initial reaction when encouraged to seek professional counseling, not interested. Thank goodness the referring family member would not take no for an answer. The first meeting with Joy was a success and I soon found myself looking forward to our time together. Regardless of the topic of my discussions, Joy remained positive and offered viable and workable solutions. Dr. Joy Vanderbeck is in my opinion a true professional blessed with a unique gift and ability to help those who want to help themselves.

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

S.R.S., VP Banking

Balance Discovered

* I did not know the difference between rescuing and truly helping someone. Through Joy’s guidance, I have been discovering balance. Today, I eat right, exercise, and give equal time to myself.

Thanks Joy!

*Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person.

TB, R.N.