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Is your teenager achieving his full potential? Is your teenager angry, depressed, defiant, or struggling in school?

Many parents of today are frustrated and confused. Life Success Coaching for Teens can give you and your teenagers the tools that you need to navigate through the challenging teenage years. Dr. Joy Vanderbeck has developed programs to assist you in catapulting your teenagers into a successful adult life.

Joy Vanderbeck can help your teenager live a life of excellence. You, too, can become fully empowered to achieve all of your life’s goals. The simple process of coaching can be achieved in person as well as on the telephone. To have your life the way you really want, call or email us now!


Master Exams

No longer do you have to have the jitters before taking a test! Learn how to study for and not only pass but ace exams. You’ll walk away with a renewed sense of self accomplishment when you get your test back with a high grade.

Students will learn:

  • How to study with perfect memory recall
  • How to hear a lecture with perfect memory recall
  • How to take tests with confidence
  • How to find misplaced objects
  • How to set goals for their future and meet them
  • How to value their education
  • How to have confidence

“Let me start by saying… thank you. Thank you! It’s unbelievable the state at which my daughter Lindsey came to you and her state of mind currently! It’s so hard to believe that she went through so many psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and medication before we finally found you. I have her math teacher to thank for telling me about you. When my daughter came to you, she and I were at the end of our rope. Our fist telephone conversation left me wondering how in the world would I pay for more treatment for this child? But after the first visit with you, I immediately saw a difference in my little girl. I would have done anything to get her help. After a couple of months my little girl was back to the child I remembered, without the assistance of medication. She’s on track to graduate and go on to college now! I can’t thank you enough, I can only tell people I meet about the miracle God worked in our lives through you. Thank you so much Joy.”
Scholastic Success

My son, Garrett, was struggling in school. He was on the brink of failing some classes and he didn’t seem motivated to even try. He wanted to eventually go to college and I knew his grades weren’t going to help him get there.  Through Joy’s “positive living” coaching and guidance, Garrett has made a very positive transition.  His outlook on life was better, he seemed to be happier, and his grades improved considerably.  He took control of his school responsibilities.  He even got a part-time job his senior year of high school.  He graduated from high school this spring.  After coaching with Joy, most of his grades have been in the 90’s, with some 100’s and some 80’s.  He made good scores on his SAT and is successfully enrolled in college for fall 2007.  He is excited about going to college.  Joy, you are awesome.  Thank you!”

David Chandler

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