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Life Success Coach Dr. Joy Vanderbeck can help you change your life

Life Success Coaching is a gentle blend of cognitive learning, goal setting, visualization to create your desired future, hypnotherapy to clear away the little nagging voices that take you away from your vision, and rekindling your connection to your Inner Wise Self.

Without Vision, People Perish

Jubilant BusinesswomanWhen you were born, your special dream, a highest potential that is embedded in the cells of your body, in your heart and in your soul. Most people encounter authority figures or have experiences that cause a person to begin to forget the dream. Like a ship that begins to sail with too many barnacles, we become weighted down with emotions and mind sets that limit our highest self expression. Dr. Joy can help you remember your dream, lay out a series of goals to help you live your dream, and give you tools to maintain the positive thought patterns that will take you to your true unlimited potential.

Dr. Joy can help you believe in yourself, believe in your dream, and help you to envision living your dream. Once awakened, you won’t ever have to go back to living only a portion of the great life to which you are entitled. Relationships, career success, self love, inner peace, health, and financial prosperity all have their roots in consciousness. Dr. Joy can facilitate your reawakening to your true potential.

Learn the keys to solve everyday challenges through Life Coaching

There may be several areas of your life where you may not be performing your best and finding the success and happiness you deserve. Coaching addresses those issues from different vantage points, using various methods that free the spirit from a multitude of problems.

Through Life Coaching, you can expect to work through the following areas to increase your happiness and prosperity:

Businessman with Cell Phone Jumping

My Life is Much More Successful

“Joy is a wonderful coach. She has helped me immensely. As a direct result of her work with me, my life has been much more successful in both my personal and business life. She is amazing.”

Walt Monk, Entrepreneur


Confidence Restored

“At a very crucial time in my life I was introduced to Joy. Joy, through much patience and loving concern, guided me to self-discovery. She approached me with new ways to approach life and helped restore my confidence. She helped me discover old programs (stinking thinking) and enlighten me “how they affected my life”. I encourage any who are considering working hard for life success to highly consider Joy with this process.”

Hurdie Burk, Business and Personal Coach



“For years I felt that I was on the edge of some sort of breakthrough where all the pieces of my life would begin to fall together. I came to Joy at a point in my life when I had reached a crisis and she helped me to make that breakthrough. I have a very improved life now and I will always love her for that.”

JD, Music Store Owner/Music Teacher



  • Goal Achievement
  • Personal Success Coaching
  • Professional Success Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Marriage and Family
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Intuitive Development


  • Weight loss
  • Self-Discovery
  • Empowerment
  • Depression
  • Will to Live
  • Self Esteem
  • Memory and Test Taking

Professional Seminars

  • 5 Steps to Success
  • How to Take Charge of Your Life
  • 9 Steps to Communication Success
  • Stress Management
  • Sales Success Training
  • Every Challenge has a Solution

Motivational Speaking

  • Sales Groups
  • Lyons Clubs
  • Churches
  • Kiwanis Clubs

Motivational Materials

  • CDs
  • Success Support – Audio and Visual
  • Relationship Booklets

Motivate Teens

  • Get Higher Grades
  • Win over studying and testing challenges
  • Freedom over drug and alcohol addictions
  • Gain motivation and success
  • Achieve goals
  • Gain academic success
  • Have confidence

“There are so many wonderful things I can say about Dr. Joy Vanderbeck’s coaching. Instead of, “Why does all this happen to me?” It’s now, “This is going to happen for me.” Thank you Joy Vanderbeck for all of your caring and guidance.”

K.D., Management Executive
Direction and Purpose

“Peace, self-esteem, self-confidence, purpose and direction.  I found all of these because of the caring counsel of Dr. Joy Vanderbeck.  While struggling mightily when I first met Dr. Joy, she was able to help me ‘peel the onion’ to discover true root causes of my problems and concerns.  The result has been a healthy marriage, a keen sense of purpose and direction, both personally and professionally, and tools to help me continue to make thoughtful and loving decisions for the benefit of me and my family.  Dr. Joy, I am deeply thankful for your care, concern, guidance and remarkable sense of truth and personal discovery.”

R.M., Entrepreneur


My Life Changed

“Coaching with Dr. Joy Vanderbeck is caring, non-judgmental, compassionate and enlightening. In a short time, my life has completely changed in my personal relationships and in the most important relationship of all, the one with myself. I now have more confidence, self-love, and a better understanding of myself and my spirituality.”

A.S., Telecom Sales Executive


Effortless Living

“My life finally works! I spent a lot of years believing that my life (and its baggage) were unchangeable. Then I worked with Joy. Under her expert guidance, I learned to identify the root causes of the pervasive fear and unrest I had become accustomed to living with. Joy taught me how to cast it away, and finally, to heal. I never knew before that life is supposed to be this effortless, comparatively speaking. I have even received comments that my smile looks different, happier, since this experience.”

D.M., Yoga Instructor
“Dr. Joy’s classes and individual sessions have changed my life. Her knowledge and enthusiasm create a fun atmosphere in which to learn and achieve.”
Dolores Gorton, R.N., M.S.

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