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Hypnosis For Stress & Anxiety

Our environment is conducive to promoting stress and anxiety. We are constantly bombarded with information: sounds, billboards, traffic, cell phones ringing, television, the neighbor mowing their lawn, etc. Although these events create a small amount of stress, since we are under constant assault from these stimuli, the small stresses add up. All of this incoming information created stress in the body.

Many of us experience emotional stress as a reaction to unfulfilled relationships, financial hardship, and from a general feeling of not being right with life.

I once spent several days with a dear friend in the peace of Tyler State Park in East Texas. The gentle sounds of nature soothed me. There were no time restraints, no deadlines to meet, only the flow of eating, swimming, floating on the water, and sleeping in an environment that abounded with peace.

Driving back, I noticed that I began to feel tension in my neck. The closer we got to Dallas, the tenser I became. I set about to understand what I was experiencing. I realized that my body was responding to the stressors of the city. I used self-hypnosis and began to relax again.

Regardless of the cause of your anxiety and stress, get in touch with me now to learn how to live a life of peace. Call 817-261-6044 or email me from the contact page on this site now!

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“For years I felt that I was on the edge of some sort of breakthrough where all the pieces of my life would begin to fall together. I came to Joy at a point in my life when I had reached a crisis and she helped me to make that breakthrough. I have a very improved life now and I will always love her for that.”
J.D., Music Store Owner/Music Teacher

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