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Hypnosis For Memory & Learning

The subconscious mind is our memory system. The subconscious records everything that we have ever seen, heard, felt, tasted, touched and said to ourselves.  In a perfect world, we would be able to retrieve any and all information that we have stored in this wonderful memory system.  People can develop a block and not be able to retrieve information although it is there.

I learned a technique from Jose Silva in 1975 that I have embellished and taught to countless students. This technique has changed the students’ ability to remember and enabled students to have perfect memory recall. Test taking is easily mastered. Included in the technique are enhancing a student’s ability to access their creativity, locating misplaced objects, and finding solutions to challenges.

Scholastic Success

“My son, Garrett, was struggling in school. He was on the brink of failing some classes and he didn’t seem motivated to even try. He wanted to eventually go to college and I knew his grades weren’t going to help him get there. Through Joy’s “positive living” coaching and guidance, Garrett has made a very positive transition. His outlook on life was better, he seemed to be happier, and his grades improved considerably. He took control of his school responsibilities. He even got a part-time job his senior year of high school. He graduated from high school this spring. After coaching with Joy, most of his grades have been in the 90’s, with some 100’s and some 80’s. He made good scores on his SAT and is successfully enrolled in college for fall 2007. He is excited about going to college. Joy, you are awesome. Thank you!”

David Chandler

“Dr. Joy’s classes and individual sessions have changed my life.  Her knowledge and enthusiasm create a fun atmosphere in which to learn and achieve.”
Dolores Gorton, R.N., M.S.

This is a simple technique and I would love to share it with you today! Call 817-261-6044 now to achieve academic success!

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