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A Journey to Understanding Death and Dying

How I learned to embrace the experience of saying goodbye.In recently watching "The Last Samurai", with Tom Cruise, I began to contemplate the subject of death. I have come to realize that each culture deals with death in a unique manner. Samurai consider death to be sacred, an honor. In our culture, death is a [...]

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Make a GREAT 2015!

Uncle Harold, a man so dear to my heart, knew he was in his final months of his wonderful life. I mentioned something to him about regret. “Yes those regrets!” he said emphatically, and cursed. He had lived for 86 ½ years, lived a full and adventuresome life, and was wrangling with regrets in his final days.

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Unavailable Partners

A frustrated man who wanted to move past being attracted to unavailable women sought my help. He is a man in his thirties who had been unsuccessful his entire life at establishing a long term relationship with a woman. He suffered horribly from rejection. The reader will see that the session gave him a future vision of a wonderful relationship, as well as resolving the unconscious issue that prevented him from having a fulfilling relationship, the issue of having become his mother’s surrogate spouse.

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Great Communicators are Made, Not Born

Good communication skills are perhaps the most invaluable skills one can have. Regardless of how much you know or how good you are at a specific task, without the ability to express yourself clearly and efficiently, you’ll never progress as far in your personal, professional or spiritual being as you could have if you had this ability.

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Six Keys to Make Relationships Last

All of Christian’s life he had been an angelic child. Then he turned 13. He became belligerent, uncooperative, argumentative and disrespectful. One night his emotions became so elevated that he stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him. I called our friend, Jerry, that who was like an uncle to my boys. Jerry laughed heartily as I shared with him how furious I was with my son, recounting all the horrible behaviors that the once angelic child was now exhibiting.

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