Make a GREAT 2015!

//Make a GREAT 2015!

Make a GREAT 2015!

Uncle Harold, a man so dear to my heart, knew he was in his final months of his wonderful life. I mentioned something to him about regret. “Yes those regrets!” he said emphatically, and cursed. He had lived for 86 ½ years, lived a full and adventuresome life, and was wrangling with regrets in his final days.

We can’t change what we did before, yet most of us waste a lot of valuable time and energy focusing on regrets. We can however change what is to come. The New Year is a perfect time to reassess our lives. Take the time to set in motion the things that you would most like to see happen in 2015. You can create what you desire by taking these steps:

1. Decide: take some time to get quiet, gain clarity and decide what it is you really would like to experience this next year. Write your desired outcomes down. It is best to keep it simple, having 2 or 3 areas of your life your prime areas of change. Make a 100% commitment to these outcomes.

2. Focus: Each day, start your day by reading what you have decided to have for yourself. Keep your eyes on the prize. Many things will come your way to get you off track.

3. Follow Through: You will, because of your commitment and focus, have many doors open to you. Pay attention to your intuitive signals. Walk through those open doors. Give yourself permission to enjoy what it is that you desire.

When you look back at the end of 2015, you will feel pride and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. No regrets. You will be celebrating a great year. You are the only one that can do this for you. Go for it!

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Dr. Joy Vanderbeck, Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.) is a Life Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, Positive Attitude Trainer, Personal, Professional and Relationship Coach, speaker and published author. Beginning her 35th year of coaching and training, Dr. Joy is an active consultant, specializing in stress reduction, positive thinking, communication skills, and personal motivation.